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Nurture your Sustainable Self with Intuitive Life Coaching
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INNERGY Coaching focuses on areas of your life that need a boost! Whether you sense that something is amiss or you feel disconnected to what is authentically you – I invite you to experience coaching that centers on your best way of Being in the world. I offer a gentle approach to coaching that encourages you to re-connect with your authentic Self, and co-creatively integrate work and play in a sustainable way.

We shine a light on different ways of Being – through increasing awareness, meditation, asking questions, probing deeper, journaling, tapping into your intuition, connecting with Spirit, speaking from the heart, and being receptive to new insights and possibilities.

Coaching is investing in YOU for the highest good. This is my personal invitation for you to take the next step on your journey to connecting, growing, healing, loving, nurturing, changing, and discovering your sustainable Self. I am here for you.

Ready for a life change? If so, sign-up for one of the coaching packages, a V.I.P. Day or an ala carte session to ignite the passion that is inside you!


This ala carte coaching session is if you're feeling stuck and need a reset button or a quick boost – a place to ask questions, bounce off ideas, redefine your direction or help to refocus your energy.


Any life journey begins with a starting point – where you are right now, and continues to a desired vision. This is your opportunity to take a different path, identify areas of transformation, and strengthen the connection to your Self. Explore what inspires you and identify what inspiration you give to others. As you align your actions with your values and your vision, I offer assistance as your trusted guide and coach. Imagine your life flowing more easily with the on-going support of a life coach. Experience heightened states of being, and receive tools and encouragement as you gain momentum into your Self awakening.

This three-month package includes 6 hourly telephone coaching sessions (2 per month), a journal and email support. One payment of $425 or three monthly payments of $160.


Feeling confused about what to do next with your life? Do you find it difficult at times to stay afloat in this fast-paced world? Life is the ultimate human experience of working, learning, growing, feeling, sharing, connecting, contributing, letting go, forgiving, healing, loving, laughing, living and be-ing human. Now, imagine connecting with your highest and best Self in a nurturing way that supports your personal growth. Imagine feeling empowered, more grounded, and aligned with your integrity, passion and purpose. Let's explore how to REFOCUS your lens and tap into your inner wisdom – in a co-creative way!

Four weeks of group coaching that includes weekly 1-1/2 hour sessions, weekly assignments of Self exploration, a journal, and group learning and support.

For more information, contact Belen.

“ Belen guides you through steps that will help align yourself with your passions and make important, positive changes that will empower you to become fully alive and enjoy the best that life has to offer.” C.S.


This six-month package is a place for you to really let go and shine! Visualize yourself as a radiant light in your day-to-day life as you explore more deeply what is authentically you. Imagine being more confident as you develop a deeper connection to your Self. Together, we use tools that draw on your natural wisdom and life experiences with the intent of establishing a new foundation to life. Be prepared to practice being and living differently, changing, growing and evolving. This coaching package supports your sustainability of Self expedition.

One payment of $1,299 or four payments of $375. This six-month package includes a V.I.P. Day to launch your exploration of Self journey, 12 hourly telephone coaching sessions (2 per month), an e-book, a personalized leather journal, and email support.

For more information, contact Belen.

“ Our work together seems like gardening: you're patiently by my side as I revitalize the neglected orchard of my life. I've learned to dig in the good earth and pack it and level its boundaries, so I have a solid ballast beneath me.” S.A.

V.I.P. DAY! — $599

This is the ultimate coaching experience to kick-start your life! Experience spending a day with a me unearthing your gifts that will help you create the life you want. Imagine how it will feel to unplug from the world for a day and shake things up a bit – an opportunity to put yourself first and acknowledge how important you are to your transformation, your personal growth. Envision having fun as you clear the way to more freedom of Self by identifying what's working and what needs to "go" for you to be your ultimate best. We meet at your office, home or garden space for a focused one-on-one coaching experience. You choose the components of your V.I.P. Day!

For one payment of $599, this "Very Important Person" package includes six total hours of YOU focused time (one hour to prep for your special day, four hours on your V.I.P. Day, and one hour check-in a few weeks later), and a journal.

Examples of what your V.I.P. Day may look like:
  • Co-Create Your Life – Start with moving the body (a short walk, yoga or stretching), deep breathing, guided meditation, then some creative work (color a Mandala, make a vision board, draw your vision, write your vision) to express what you feel and see what you desire as your ideal life. Take a break to just "BE" in your space, drink a cup of tea, be silent, then journal what you notice. Identify action steps to move you closer to creating your life of your dreams!
  • Transform a Space – Does your space support you and what you do? By transforming a room or a space (kitchen, meditation area, sanctuary, office, garden), a place that supports you on many levels. Begin with a centering exercise and moving the body, to bring you to the present and tap into your inspiration. Then, outline priorities, pinpoint areas of dis-stress, what's working, and what's not working. I have an eye for details and am intuitive about what flows in a space. Then take a break to laugh, journal, followed by writing out a possible plan (some strategies) with action steps to help you clear the way to tranforming a space.
  • Optimum YOU with Foods – Do you have sustained energy throughout the day? The day starts with a walk or stretching, centering exercise and enjoying a "green drink" or "fresh veggie juice". We talk about what needs attention, what's missing for eating healthy, and your relationship with food. Learn about what foods are nutrient dense and support your body systems. We spend time in your kitchen re-working the space, planning healthy menus, or at the grocery store exploring the many options to healthy eating and living.
  • Be of Joy with Your Self – Whether it be in your garden, outside in nature, or at a park, rediscover what aspects of your Self that yearn for experiencing the simple joys in life. By slowing down and tapping into what connects you to nature and how you move in the world for your highest good. This day is about experiencing good clean fun! Simply put – you unplug, look inside and outside for the beauty that is your world. You may laugh, sing, dance and feel joy. Imagine wiggling your toes in the grass or watching the clouds move through the sky. You may walk a labyrinth as a meditation or simply walk and observe nature. All the while, being supported by your coach for a joyful day.

I invite you to awaken, spark, explore, discover, let go, integrate, nurture and heal so you live at your best and shine brightly with spirituality life coaching!

Coaching provided in-person, FaceTime or by telephone.
For more information, contact Belen.

Please Note: The coaching provided for individuals, group coaching or in the workshops by Belén Carmichael or INNERGY Coaching, LLC are in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. Each participant takes full responsibility in decisions, as well as results and consequences.

Belén Carmichael
Life Coach Extraordinaire
Boulder, Colorado