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"Working with you over the years has been so positive and uplifting. You truly have a gift for wellness and positive living – and how to bring that out in others. I greatly appreciate the tools you have provided and am looking forward to applying them in the future!" Kate, Boulder

"As I think of our collaboration, I bet you didn't know your coaching is helping me cultivate a metaphorical basket of vivid wild flowers and succulent peaches, plums, and pears!

You are a natural teacher and have introduced me to such wonderful tools I now call on through-out my day.

Our work together seems like gardening: you're patiently by my side as I revitalize the neglected orchard of my life. I've learned to dig in the good earth and pack it and level its boundaries, so I have a sold ballast beneath me. Now I focus my energy with intent on my own tasks – and leave the earthworms, crickets, ladybugs, and sparrows to their own devices. I'm better prepared for life's surprise downpours: and nearly every week I'm gaining more bounce in my step and stamina in my spine. These days, as I walk my rows and sow seeds small and large – my very own dreams and ambitions I hold more hope in my heart. In time, I know that what I'm planting will take root and flourish.

Of course all of this learning and mindful change of habitual pattern and thought – the digging, irrigating, pruning, and weeding – can at times be pure hard work! It stretches my stamina and tests my purpose ... But then, I catch myself and remember that anything so worthy and life-affirming won't grow and flower by itself!" S.A., Boulder

Kudos from Laura in Boulder

"On January 1, 2012 I retired from an all-consuming job which left me significantly overweight and out of shape. My vision for my retirement years was ambitious: becoming fit and strong; getting a lot of hiking and biking miles under my belt; traveling broadly within the U.S. and internationally; and aging gracefully in good health.

I needed an inspirational coach/trainer who could help me achieve my post-retirement goals. In February 2012, I enthusiastically received Belen Carmichael's name from a trusted friend. I began working with Belen shortly afterwards.

Four years later, I have lost 35 pounds and kept them off. I feel strong and confident (most days). I exercise 3-4 days per week. I have traveled to South Africa, Madagascar and Greece, and plan soon to spend a month in Italy. I have learned and continue to learn about good nutrition from Belen. I have also endured two full knee replacements and the necessary, painful rehabilitation that follows.

Belen has been a professional, competent, steady and encouraging presence throughout the last 4 years as I struggled through my setbacks and achieved many goals. I expect that Belen and I will continue to work together successfully in the future. Belen, thank you so much!"

"Belen is a miracle worker! She is so inspirational and an expert in helping to improve one's overall fitness. I totally credit her with my becoming stronger and healthier." Janet, Boulder

"Belen's positive attitude and encouragement helped me lose over 35 pounds. I also have more energy, sleep better, and don't have as many aches and pains in my daily life. Her guidance has shown me how to be more confident in my body and what my strengths are. Belen used personalized plans and tailored her advice to my needs so that I could succeed. On top of all this, she was fun to work with!" Kat, Boulder

"I'm one of Belen's older clients, and I find her to be a great personal trainer! She's enthusiastic, patient and committed to keeping me on track. Her positive energy is contagious and keeps me motivated. She cares about her clients and is very generous with helpful tips. I respect her wide-ranging knowledge and expertise and appreciate her willingness to explain how the body works. I also appreciate that she monitors my form to keep me from injuring myself." M.L., Boulder

"Belen, you continue to evolve in so many ways. It has been incredible to watch your audio book bloom into an extension of all that you are. With your vision, you show the world what is possible. With your peace, you help move the world towards peace for all God's creatures. With your love, you make miracles happen, and give hope to those around you. You show others how to love life, nature, others, and yourself."
Randy Carmichael (1959 – 2013)

"Belen, I just finished listening to your audio book (A Woman's Guide to Her Inner Evolution) this morning, and I appreciate your practical suggestions, as well as, your positive perspective. Your book helped me appreciate you more by giving me a deeper insight into who you are. I also appreciate your courage in presenting your deep thoughts." Carla, Grand Junction

"Just as the title reflects (A Woman's Guide to Her Inner Evolution Audio Book): Belen Carmichael guides you through steps that will help align yourself with your passions and make important, positive changes that will empower you to become fully alive and enjoy the best that life has to offer." Carol, Denver

"Whether you've also experienced the '10 acts of self-nurturing' in life, I believe a person cannot hear or implement them enough. They are all truths I, personally, know to be true but need to be told repeatedly so I continually practice them and make them a part of my everyday life. This cd (A Woman's Guide to Her Inner Evolution) is an easy, peaceful, and energizing way to do so". Clint, Ft. Collins

"A Woman's Guide to Her Inner Evolution is a must for every woman, and every one who loves a woman. Belen Carmichael's insight is invaluable". Mike, Denver

And KUDOS from me to these Organizations —
  • Access Fund, Boulder, Colorado
  • American Alpine Club, Golden, Colorado
  • Boulder County Beekeepers' Association, Boulder, Colorado
  • Boulder Food Rescue, Boulder, Colorado
  • Center for ReSource Conservation, Boulder, Colorado
  • Colorado AIDS Project
  • Colorado Public Radio
  • Colorado Public Television
  • Community Cycles, Boulder, Colorado
  • Davis Phinney Foundation, Boulder, Colorado
  • Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), Boulder, Colorado
  • e-Town, Boulder, Colorado
  • e-Go CarShare, Boulder, Colorado
  • Growing Gardens, Boulder, Colorado
  • Harvest of Hope Food Bank, Boulder, Colorado
  • National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Pastures of Plenty Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Boulder, Colorado
  • Project Angel Heart, Denver, Colorado
  • Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver, Colorado
  • Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, Boulder, Colorado
  • Senior Support Services, Denver, Colorado
  • TRU Community Care, Hospice, Boulder, Colorado

Belén Carmichael
Life Coach Extraordinaire
Boulder, Colorado