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Nurture your Sustainable Self with Intuitive Life Coaching
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INNERGY Coaching, founded in 2005, has been a catalyst for clients to nurture, to change, to grow, to live, to heal, and to discover the best of themselves with supportive life coaching. I've been coaching with individuals intuitively on many levels and in many ways, since 1996 – before coaching was in even in fashion.

Bel้n Carmichael – Life Coach Extraordinaire
Author, Speaker, Personal Trainer, Gourmet Home Chef, Beekeeper
Creator of Beautiful Spaces, Gardener for Flowers, Bees and Butterflies

Sustainability of Self is at the core of my coaching model by encouraging you to creatively balance work and play in a sustainable way. I guide you to be yourself, to inspire, to be inspired, and to take action as I walk along side you on the path you choose. I hold the space for you to slow down and be, and for you to see your gifts, your truth, your light, and your Self as whole – for you to heal, love and evolve in your own authentic way.

My personal evolution has been one of much joy with showers of great sadness. I was born in Alaska, and then moved to North Dakota with my mom and four sisters at the age of 3-1/2 after my dad tragically passed away. Growing up was full of the usual family dynamics, school studies, building friendships and learning about myself, love, life and death. As a young girl, I enjoyed spending time with my grandmother helping her bake cookies and pies, and joyfully assisted my mother in the kitchen. I've always loved being outdoors, playing, and being physically active – connecting with nature.

In 1985, I planted myself in Colorado to experience life in the big city. My love for food, hospitality, design, fitness and wellness guided me to pursue careers centered around gourmet foods, creativity and a healthy lifestyle. In 2005, I discovered that I was gluten-intolerant, and began incorporating gluten-free cooking and baking into my life. I enjoy sharing traditional foods and recipes, as well as healthy food alternatives with others. I make the most delicious dehydrated savory raw gluten-free protein-packed, crisps and crackers out of nuts, seeds, vegetables and spices. I have a knack for organizing and an eye for aesthetics and detail. I have many gifts to share with clients that desire a sustainable life that centers around a healthy home and a healthy Self.

My life has taken many twists and turns – and I've realized that much of my life journey has been about searching for my true spiritual Self and living a life with purpose and meaning. I blossomed during my time at Arapahoe Community College and Regis University studying interior design, philosophy, religion, economics and business. I have experience in advertising, graphic and interior design, merchandising, home and kitchen renovating, catering, cooking, entertaining, flower gardening, bee keeping, tutoring, nutrition, wellness, personal training and of course, life coaching. My inner and outer experiences have led me to my career as an intuitive life coach extraordinaire.

The past few years have brought a tsunami of sadness to me, as my perspective of life and death changed dramatically when my husband, Randy was diagnosed with cancer in January 2012. It was a gift to live with, love and support my Soul Mate through his healing journey until he made his transition on September 26, 2013. It was an honor to be by his side at his time of death and to celebrate a brave, adventurous, kind and loving man. And then, six months later, my dear mother, Violet passed away on April 28, 2014 at the wise young age of 83. I miss them both greatly, but I do carry the Essences of them and other departed loved ones with me in my heart and in my life – which brings me to the present.

My spiritual journey continues as I courageously live with the remnants of grief and sadness, yet, find ways to bring joy into each and every day of my life. Life is truly a gift. I am passionate about seeing the beauty of flowers, the mystery of life, to experience joy along side sadness, to be at peace, to heal from hurts, to move my body, to nurture my Self, and to love. I delight at being active and surrounded by nature living in Boulder, Colorado. I am a member of a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and eat mostly organic, sustainable foods. I pro-actively, care for myself and for the planet – I see nature as place of healing, and spend as much time as possible outdoors.

For me, I imagine life flowing along the infinity sign – expanding and contracting at different times infinitely! I feel at my best when I engage in coaching, personal training, connecting with Spirit and others, rock climbing, skiing, bicycling, yoga, gardening, cooking, meditating, creating, being in nature, listening to the meadowlarks sing, hiking a mountain or simply gazing into the big blue sky. My life has expanded and contracted many times carrying me to my Sustainability of Self.

My mantra for life: I am to BE – compassion, harmony, joy, peace, play, inspire, adventure, contribute, connect, laugh, love and breathe. Ahhhh, healing, wholeness, harmony, peace and love.

My vision is to help clients soften their journey to healing and wholeness, for you to be at your best – to be in balance, to deeply connect with your Self. I meet you where you are right now, and offer support, structure, practical tools, encouragement, awareness, inspiration, guidance, freshness, and shine a light on what is possible.

Now, imagine your life flowing – learning, loving, growing, flourishing, experiencing, healing, expanding and contracting at different times infinitely. I invite you to challenge yourself to experience life from a place of compassion and love. I encourage you to be receptive to co-creating YOUR Sustainability of Self – to evolve.

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Bel้n Carmichael
Life Coach Extraordinaire
Boulder, Colorado